Important Conversions Chapter 12 Chemistry Class 12

Important Conversions Chapter 12 Chemistry

(i) Benzene to Acetophenone

(ii) Propanone to 2-Methylpropan-2-ol

(iii) Propanone to Propan-2-ol

(iv) Ethanal to 2-hydroxy propanoic acid

(v) Ethanal to Propanone

(vi) Toluene to Benzoic acid

(vii) Ethanol to 3-Hydroxybutanal

(viii) Benzoic acid to m-nitrobenzyl alcohol

(ix) Benzoyl chloride to Benzaldehyde

(x) Propanone to Propane

(xi) Ethanal to But-2-enal

(xii) Butanol to Butanoic acid

(xiii) Cyclohexene to Hexane-1,6-dioic acid

(xiv) Ethanal to Methane

(xv) Phenol to Salicylaldehyde


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