Biomolecules Assertion Reason Type Questions

Biomolecules Assertion Reason Type Questions

Q 1. Assertion: D (+) – Glucose is dextrorotatory in nature.
Reason: D represents its dextrorotatory nature.

Q 2. Assertion: Vitamin D can be stored in our body.
Reason: Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin.

Q 3. Assertion: All naturally occurring amino acids except glycine are optically active.
Reason: Most naturally occurring amino acids have L-configuration.

Q 4. Assertion: Deoxyribose C5H10O4 is a carbohydrate
Reason: Carbohydrates are hydrates of carbon so compounds that follow C2(H2O) formula are carbohydrates

Q 5. Assertion: Glycine must be taken through diet.
Reason: It is a non-essential essential amino acid.

Q 6. Assertion: Reducing sugars undergo mutarotation.
Reason: During mutarotation, one pure anomer is converted into an equilibrium mixture of two anomers.

Q 7. Assertion: A solution of sucrose in water is dextrorotary but on hydrolysis in presence of little hydrochloric acid, it becomes levorotatory.
Reason: Sucrose on hydrolysis gives unequal amounts of glucose and fructose as a result of which change in sign of rotation is observed.

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